A good next step

Some months back (in March to be precise), I completed an amazing outreachy internship at GNOME. The months after that have been full of activity. In July I had the opportunity of presenting at the first open source conference I ever attended- GNOME’s Annual Developer Conference (GUADEC). Here I shared the contributions I made to the community by working on GNOME’s JavaScript Debugger where I wrote JavaScript code, improved on some areas of the documentation and helped new contributors find their way when I could.

Fast-foward to a couple of days later, I was given the opportunity to be part of another enriching open source internship (Coding Experience) at Igalia. I first came across this opportunity through one of my outreachy blog posts “Seeking for career opportunities“. Special thanks to Paul Wise for leaving the link to FOSSjobs website in his/her/their comment (https://www.fossjobs.net/ and https://github.com/fossjobs/fossjobs/wiki/Resources), Philip (my outreachy mentor) and those on the FOSSjobs gnome matrix channel for sharing this opportunity.

At Igalia I work on improving on the user experience of Cog and other WPE-Webkit related tasks. I must and have to say that working at Igalia is very challenging and also interesting. Work at Igalia is exciting to me because of the team and the work culture(there is socialization).I work with amazing people at Igalia-my mentor Chris Lord (who is always very helpful), Adrian(on Cog), just to mention a few. If you agree with me on the need to work on your communication skills to easily contribute to open source, then those skills come in handy at Igalia since we work on open source projects. I am glad to have been able to find time after this long to blog again and I will continue sharing my experiences consistently to help others facing challenges in open source and struggling with learning how to code and staying in the field.

I like to end here so this blog post doesn’t become lengthy. In the weeks that follow, I will be sharing information about my experience at Igalia(work, challenges, improvements since my last internship). This series is called “My Open Source Journey”. Thanks for reading and please keep reading, liking and sharing.

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